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    Mainly trolls and other vaguely human-ish creatures

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  • Shaping the look of things

    I prefer to start with palpable materials before touching the pixels

    The faces, that´s mostly where I start working, after I´ve made my rough drawings and other visual research.

    My characters mostly have simple, posable metal wire armatures. In addition I use foam rubber and textile wrapping to give them shape. I then fashion (rather crude-looking) clothing for them, which I will later elaborate in Photoshop. All naked skin parts (such as heads, hands and feet) I will invariably sculpt from polymer clay. I really like FIMO soft (but unfortunately they never payed me to tell you so :-) Sculpey was great too, but they don´t sell it much in my country.

    Anyway, most of my present work would be impossible without Photoshop. Certainly, I would be making images (sculpture per se I find a little boring), but I remember how slow and cumbersome it all was back then. And how expensive!

    I frequently need to build at least some parts of the set for the photography part of the project. - For instance, nearly all of the houses are hand-built from balsawood and cardboard etc. In addition, I often fashion different kinds of props from traditional materials.

    - However, not in every instance, since images of so many useful objects may be found on the internet these days. So, I frequently spend time changing and rebuilding those digital items in Photoshop, to make them look good from the exact photograhic angle that my project requires,

    This is one end of my workroom. Daylight is shining into my sculpting area in the next room.

    The other side of the main working area. My computer workstation sits outside the picture frame on the left. Notice my good, old sewing machine.

  • A view from over my workdesk, in a south-west direction

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    Stop-motion movie, clip one


    Stop-motion movie, clip two


    Stop-motion movie, clip three

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